The lotion commotion ...

Have you ever gone to use lotion before, and you rub, and rub, and rub, and it just never really soaks in? You leave streaks on the counters, hand prints on the fridge, and you almost feel like you need to wipe your hands off? It’s awful, isn’t it?! Sometimes, you just need a little bit of moisture without feeling like a greased pig, am I right?

Our lotion is perfect for those with skin that isn’t naturally super dry (we have body b’udder for that). Our lotion gives you just enough without being overkill. How do we manage that? I thought you might ask!

Goat milk is full of fatty acids that are similar in PH to a human’s. This allows them to be easily absorbed by our skin without the irritation and the greasy layer of product sometimes left behind by lab-created ingredients. Easier absorption means better skin hydration without the need for frequent re-application.

Our simple, natural, nourishing ingredients are blended with raw goat milk from our very own Nubian goats, to create the lightest and most effective moisturizer you will ever use (according to our very satisfied customers). Perhaps best of all, goat milk is packed full of Vitamin A, lactic acid, (naturally occurring in goat milk), and selenium for a long-lasting hydration that will not only nourish, but help brighten skin and shed those dead skin cells.

Now, you could go to Bath and Body Works and pick up your favorite dessert-scented lotion, rub all of that petrolatum on your skin, and give yourself the illusion of hydration (it really suffocates and clogs the pores), or you can rub a concoction of water, shea butter, olive oil, and raw goat milk on you and see what authentic (and safer) hydration feels like! Are you ready?! I thought so!

I’ve got boxes and packing tape in my hands right now, and I’m going to chase you over to the shopping cart. Are you ready? GO!!!

Britt Pavelchak