You b'udder believe it!

Ah, the body b’udder … it’s my personal favorite. Whether it be a sunburn, chapped lips, weather-ravaged skin, or just the dry skin I inherited from my momma (sorry, ma), I use it for everything!

The other day, I saw a mother with an infant who had the cutest cheeks, but they were red and chapped from the cold weather. I consider myself to be a Good Samaritan, and I couldn’t just not say anything when I had the cure in my bag! Even though her mother looked at me like I was trying to give her poison, she seemed to recognize that I wasn’t a serial killer. How, I dunno, because I probably look like one.

Anyhow …

I convinced her to put a small amount on her daughter’s cheeks (or the container did after she read it), and as we sat next to each other in the waiting room, the redness and dry appearance of her daughter’s cheeks lessened considerably. Before I got called back to my appointment, she was asking me where she could buy some for her daughter. I just smiled and handed her my jar (she didn’t need to know that I have 1,789 containers of it in my house like an obsessed hoarder). Totally joking by the way, I only have 47.

I’d like to think that by the end of the day, she was running through the hills like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music and bursting into song about our b’udder and what it did for her kiddo (if she wasn’t, that’s cool too — cries silently—). The thing is, it IS that great! It has so many uses, it’s safe enough to use on anyone from a newborn to your 98-year-old granny, and it lasts forever (well, maybe not forever, but a super duper long time)! With twice the moisturizing power of our lotion (and yet, still not greasy), this is perfect for all of your dry, cracked skin, even those heels! Nurses, you know your hands have been ravaged by drying hand soap and more washes per day than some people do all week … try this! It will change your life, I mean it!

The contractor who installed my back door had hands like sandpaper last week, now he’s a hand model in Milan (ok, I made that up) … but for real, his hands now look like a baby’s butt! You could have butt hands too! Yes, I know how that sounds but there is no turning back now.

Britt Pavelchak